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What are backflow preventers?

Backflow preventers are devices that are installed in a water line on devices that could potentially pollute your fresh water system. They are installed in water lines such as your toilet so that your system keeps your potable water flowing in the right direction.


We can install backflow preventers for you for a number of reasons.

Installed and ready to go

Once your backflow preventer is installed, we will test it to ensure that it is working correctly. We will also certify it so you know that it will work correctly.

Backflow preventers should be on:

•  Boilers

•  Toilets

•  Sprinkler systems

•  High hazard applications

Why is it important?

Your backflow preventer keeps polluted water from going back into the water main keeping you safe from pesticides, disease and harmful bacteria. Call us today so we can advise you on where you should have backflow preventers.

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